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Queen of Hearts

Title: Queen of Hearts
Type: Fanfic
Fandom: AU!Durarara!!
Word count: 887
Character(s): Sonohara Anri, Kida Masaomi, Ryuugamine Mikado
Pairing(s): Strong hints of Mikado/Anri, Saika/Mikado
Warning(s): Teel deers.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but these words.
Note: All the gross sobbing...
Dedicated to: [personal profile] its_game_time and [personal profile] alory_shannon

No words could describe the immense relief - of joy - she felt at the sight of them, appearing in a blaze of light in all their gritty and dulled glory. There was no shining armour or valiant steed by their side; she had expected none to begin with. There was only the strength of their limbs and the deadly weaponry that had been provided to them by District Thirteen. There was only the limitless determination that had brought them here.

No matter the task and no matter the difficulties - no matter how hopeless it may have seemed - there was nothing that would stop them from saving her from the clutches of the Capitol. Together or not at all, that had been the unspoken mantra pushing them forward through the Games.

And through it all, the young girl had never lost hope. Anri knew her boys well; understood that nothing short of a threat or an end to their own lives could keep them.

...Love. I... love them, That's why... Love... Love... Love... Love. Love. Love, love, love - Love me. - They must love me.

In the next instance, though, she felt her sword stop short against a solid object, with no memory of ever even drawing the katana from where it now resided within her. There was simply the calm and quiet uplift of hope from seeing the two boys appear in the doorway of her room... before the storm came after, seeming to come merely a breath of time afterwards. And Anri registered the tremble in her arm as it shook with the force of her intended blow. That moment of realization was enough to send a chill through the young girl's limbs. Because it was jarring, how quickly the world shifted in that moment. How impossibly murderous Kida's eyes seemed as he stepped in between the both of them to stand as a barrier - the last - to keep them separated.

To keep her from killing Mikado.

"S... Sonohara-san?"

His voice was about as steady as her arm, the fear rising to the surface easily at the sight of the gleaming edge poised to strike. Granted, the Games had brought them horrors beyond understanding and nightmares that would haunt the rest of their days. It had been a long time since wars ravaged the nation, after all; a long time since the last District Rebellion that resulted in the initiation of the Hunger Games. And even though both boys had been staying at the very center of the Rebel stronghold, surely there had been nothing to prepare Mikado.

Seeing death and destruction at the hands of others was one matter. Standing as a witness and a potential victim as a friend raised a weapon at you was another. As a two-time Tribute for District Three and Mikado's self-assigned protector, Kida was more than familiar with the treachery of the Capitol. And he was more than prepared to die for his comrade. More than her life, and more than his own, the former Victor valued Mikado's life above all else.

Love me. Love me. Let them love me.

"My, my." He was calm and cool and collected, even as his voice dipped low to a menacing level, matching the hard glint of determination in the Victor's eyes. Anri only ever remembered seeing that sort of vehemence one other time in her life since meeting the normally cheerfully young man. Not long after losing Saki, Kida had underwent a mental breakdown, resulting in a complete rampage of the Arena until there was no one else left standing.

It was the face that had won him the Games in the previous year... along with a lifetime of grief. "The Capitol has been busy."

"S-sonohara-san?" She shifted her eyes at the familiar name, softly spoken and laced with a different sort of tremble in Mikado's tone. And the way he took an unconscious step back at it told Anri that what he found, there, was far from what the young man had expected. "What... why are your eyes red?"

Mika. Do... Mi. Ka. Do... Mikado. Mikado... Mikado. Mikado, Mikado, Mikado. mikadomikadomikado...

A swift jerk of her arm unlocked her blade with Masaomi's, a resounding ring of metal echoing through the room. She would not be surprised if it continued down the hall to haunt the corridors and passages with its eerie death tones. And then she was standing tall once more, poised and ready - on the defensive - to attack without consequences.

Ready to slice clean into Mikado's skin.

One cut. One is all it would take. One cut, one cut, one cut, onecut onecutonecutonecut...

It was in that moment that Anri realized: the voice whispering its insidious thoughts was not her own, but another's. Something else was starting to invade her mind; had already begun to crowd into her headspace, slowly leeching onto her memories and emotions until there was nothing left of her to overwhelm. Until all that remained was the love that she held more dearly and close to her heart than anything else in the world.

Kida and Mikado... Kida. Mikado.

A taste of the love she had was all that it took for the monster to develop an interest. And now, more than anything else, She wanted them.