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Title: Clarity
Type: Fanfic
Fandom: Durarara!!
Word count: 2125 (holy cheeseballs, batman!)
Character(s): Sonohara Anri, Ryuugamine Mikado; brief mentions of Kida Masaomi
Pairing(s): Strong hints of Mikado/Anri
Warning(s): Such fluffy sweetness!
Disclaimer: I own nothing but these words.
Note: Inspired by the events of [ THIS ] thread. It doesn’t have to be mutual headanon. But it’s mine. ;3;
Dedicated to: ...The little Prince. 6/////6

As the cushion dipped under her weight once again, the young girl gave a soft sign in quiet frustration, finding her reach still just shy of where the tact was embedded into the wall. Surely, climbing onto the back of the couch was an option. But in eyeing the width of it, Anri thought it better to find another way; perhaps choosing a different spot altogether to hang up the decoration instead of continuing her struggles. In the end, she simply settled on waiting for Kida to come and help her like he said he would, After all, seven inches of extra height could only be a benefit to their cause. Especially since there were still the streamers to contend with.

And it was in that moment that the girl wondered, once again, just where their blond friend could be at this hour - whether it was cause enough for her to worry or if he was merely delayed by something else. After all, more often than not, Masaomi had a tendency to fall prey to distractions.

Still, it was starting to get late and the guards would arrive with their special guest any minute now. There were only so many trailers available on the compound and they would have the use of one for only so before...

Lost in thought and a little concerned over all the possibilities that could ruin their well-planned surprise, she was at a loss for words when the door started to slide open. And with the brightly colored letters hanging limply from her slender fingers, Anri found herself face to face with a startled looking Mikado. Blinking blankly at the scene that stretched out before him, it took the young man a moment to finally settle his sights on her, staring with a look of confusion and shock.

"Ano, um… H-happy birthday, Ryuugamine-kun?..."

The banner now pointless, she set it carefully aside on the table after steadily stepping down from the couch. Almost as an afterthought, Anri smoothed her fingers over the wrinkles in the dress she wore and offered him a weak smile in turn, sweet and warm, while nervously brushing back a few strands of hair from her face. Because there had been a structured schedule that had been carefully planned out. And none of it was turning out the way she imagined. All the best intentions of making this a birthday celebration to remember, and it all came to nigh.

It was another few seconds of awkward fidgeting before the guard decided to make his exit, both youngsters bowing politely as he slipped out the door without further delay, Leaving the two friends to stand there altogether, and painfully aware of the tension that had suddenly filled in the empty space between them.

For the girl, it suddenly dawned on her like a cold wave: It was the first time in years that they were alone - truly alone - without the hum of voices in the background or the weight of spying eyes. Without the reality of Mikado’s imprisonment constantly seeping in to interrupt their moments together. Even Kida had taken to skipping out on a visit or two in order to give them more time and attention to focus on each other, much to their insistence that it had been unnecessary. On occasion, Anri actually preferred the buffer and distraction of a third person being there.

Now, though...

The shift of his arm caught her her attention, drawing her focus and pulling Anri from the recesses of her mind where she would often hide when the world became too big. Too chaotic. The scenes in the picture frames would change and shift, but the end result would always be the same, with her separating and disconnecting from what was going on around her. As the young girl took in every detail of him, though - from the rough orange fabric of Mikado’s jumpsuit to the sound of blunt nails scratching against the nape of his neck - she could not help but cling to the moment, finding an odd sort of comfort in the silence that allowed such observations.

He was the first to break the stalemate. "Uh - s-so... you remembered, huh?"

"Of course," came the young girl’s soft reply, an all too serious expression flitting across her delicate features at the notion. Then, as if realizing her forwardness, Anri bowed her head once more, finding that nerves were being a vicious opponent this day. "I... I always did..."

A look of confusion overtook his face, thin brows knitting deeply while his mind tried to connect the missing dots that he had been given. For Mikado, it only took a moment or two. And then his face lit up as if someone had flipped a switch, bright with revelation. And, perhaps, a little bit of awe.

"...Those little gifts that I used to find on my doorstep… That was - I always thought… Masaomi..."

She made a soft sound, there, that was a mix between a hum and a whimper, feeling unsure of herself as Anri debated over answering. Because he hadn’t been completely wrong on the matter. "Sometimes they were, but..."

Maybe it had been a silly thought, in the end. But in the beginning it had been the only thing to calm her worries when he was neck-deep in the Blue Squares organization; when both he and Kida were seeing their separate plans through to the bitter end in order to save themselves as well as each other from what awaited them all on the other side of the darkness. It was one of the only ways Anri could think of to hold on to the life that she had built and the reality that helped to keep Saika in check.

A foolish endeavour or not, it had been what she needed.

Seeing the hint of fondness in Mikado’s smile when she cast a shy glance in his direction said that her efforts had not been fruitless.

At the mention of their mutual companion, the young man darted his gaze around the trailer for any sight and sound of the yellow-haired troublemaker. "...Where is he, anyways?"

"I-i don’t know - he was supposed to come and help me, but... but he never showed up." Worry overtaking her senses, she began to grow fearful of Kida’s absence. The past had shown them that all manner of trouble could be found in the streets of Ikebukuro. Least of all, for the three of them.

"Mm... something tells me that he’s fine." But as resourceful and capable as Kida was, she could believe in that notion. That much, Anri could trust in. Still, there was no helping the sliver of concern that lingered at the edge of her conscious. Because, surely, the former leader of the Yellow Scarves wouldn’t miss his best friend’s birthday celebration. Even if becoming the prison's new IT tech personnel had given Mikado a loophole in gaining more access to the outside world and his friends through the computer, the three of them still only got one or two visits a month of actual face-to-face interaction. And those moments were more precious than all the gold in the world.

How could Kida not be here…

Still, the birthday boy didn’t seem too offended. "Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if he planned it this way."

That comment earned him a curious glance from her, brows raised only slightly in interest, her usually quick mind not quite catching up fast enough to what he was suggestion. What could have possibly motivated their mutual friend enough to...

But before she could voice her inquiry, he reached up to awkwardly scratch at the back of his head once more, an embarrassed sort of smile pulling across Mikado’s lips. "Aha, I... I still can’t believe you guys did all this for me..."

She smiled back in kind, soft and underplayed, much like most things in her life. Because the young Dollars Leader was modest and shy, much like her. Attention was something that could both excite and fluster him at any given situation. But most of all, he was the sort of person that would do the same for others without any expectation in return. So it was only fair. It was only right.

"Oh, here." As if something suddenly occurred to her, the young girl shuffled around and pulled out a small paper box from under the table. Sliding it across the surface towards him, she gestured for the birthday boy to open it. "This... is for you, too."

"Ah - Sonohara-san, you didn’t have to - th-this was enough..."

Waving the protest off with a light shake of her head, the Anri nodded her head at the box, urging in her own fashion for him to go ahead and see what was inside. Seconds later, after a few precious moments of careful prodding and tugging, he was presented with a particularly ordinary looking cupcake. Frosted blue and topped with a yellow candle, he took in the simple gift in a sort of happy amazement,

No words could describe the way she was feeling in that instance. It was, perhaps the first moment of pure goodness to happen in their lives in a long while; not since their days together at Raira Academy. And there was no forgetting the fact that this it was the first time since her initial visit to the prison that the two of them had been alone together; since they made a handful of unspoken promises and plans for the future.

Needless to say, Anri could feel the tension start to build on the matter.

But the day was not about her, and so she pushed forward, a familiar thrill of whispered voices lingering in the background standing as the young girl’s only real concern. "I... I know it’s not a real cake - a-and the guards said no fires - but..."

"No... i-it’s alright, Sonohara-san." There was a notable dip in the white noise inside of her mind, the world almost stilling in the wake of Mikado’s lips quirking up into a soft smile. The tenderness wrapped in the edges of his tone only added to the shift in Anri’s heartbeat, a sudden warmth spreading across her cheeks. "This... this is fine enough, Really, I..."

“N-no, wait...” Protesting only just slightly and putting a momentary stop to his words of gratitude, the young girl reached into her bag and pulled out her phone. A few quiet beeps of the buttons later and Anri flipped the device around to a .gif icon of a flickering flame displayed on the screen, moving it carefully so that the image stood just over the tip of the unlit candle. "Um... make a wish?"

It was, perhaps, a silly idea to think that something so simple could take the place of tradition, even with a desolate backdrop as the prison yard. But given his connection to technology - considering Mikado’s history with utilizing resources and opportunities - Anri assumed that a little improvising would be appreciated. And it was, it seemed, after a few moments of rapid blinking on his part passed. What she had not anticipated was the way his expression shifted and softened almost wistfully, afterwards. It was a calm and peace that she once believed he would never find again. And with a quiet inhale of breath, the young girl felt her heart flutter with a feeling she could only describe as a tight, constricting squeeze against her chest - one that only intensified the moment their eyes met.

When he reached out to close his fingers around the display of her phone, she could only follow her natural instincts. Anri could only believe that, clearly, she had done something wrong to warrant such a reaction. Head shyly bowed, it only took the flare of a blush seconds to warm her cheeks, the heat doubling with the unexpected touch of his fingers along her jaw. And as the soft click her phone seemed to resound with the weight of the moment, the young girl could only stare wide-eyed and stunned as she felt the light brush of his palm sliding along her skin to cradle the nape of her neck... just seconds before Anri’s focus was shifted to a new sensation pressed against her lips.

The shock of it when realization finally settled in caused the girl to pull back, speechless and confused - warm with a new feeling she could hardly understand - as the faint murmur of his voice reached her ears. "I... don’t think I need to..."

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