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Just Like a Pill

Title: Just Like a Pill
Type: RP Thread
Fandom: AU!Naruto
Character(s): Tenten, Aburame Shino; brief mention of Inuzuka Kiba
Pairing(s): Shino/Tenten
Warning(s): None
Disclaimer: I own only the part that I played in this.
Note: Thread taken from the THE RABBIT DONE DIED MEME over at [community profile] memebells.
Dedicated to: My love for them ;w;

[ Sitting back up, she wiped at the corner of her mouth and promptly flushed the toilet for the third time that morning.

Sigh. Well. It was bound to happen eventually. But... this was certainly sooner than expected. ]

[Did she have any good left in her body? It's a real and pressing concern. So he has toast, crackers, a bit of warm soup sitting in the kitchen, waiting, while he hovers nervously by the door.]

...I'm fine, really. [ Her voice was soft and a little raspy from all of the trips to the bathroom. Her throat felt like it was on fire. And as she told herself over and over again that it would be worth it in the end, she couldn't help but make a face as the young woman's stomach churned in preparation for the next round... ]

...This is normal.

It isn't necessary.

[He isn't actually a doctor. Between the two of them, he finds himself more qualified to make the assertion anyway.

Then again, it's mostly an assertion born of nerves and concern as he slinks forward with some tea.]

Let me take you to the hospital. They'll have something for your stomach.

[ Well, on that, she would agree. And as she struggled a little to pull herself back up on her feet, Tenten couldn't help but wish it wasn't one of the requirements of pregnancy. Because something as wonderful as bringing life into the world shouldn't feel this awful.

Quickly taking a moment to gargle with some water and mouthwash, she gave him a brief little shake of her head before spitting the contents of her mouth out. ]

Any kind of medication besides my Neonatal Pills could harm the baby. Aspirin could make me loose him this early on. [ 'Him' because in her mind, it was a boy... ]

[It was clearly too far in advance to tell whether their baby was male or female. But the quiet assertion made the baby feel... real. Present.

And that made him almost, almost smile.

But the much more pressing concern was how real the morning sickness seemed to be. Carefully, he set the cup of tea down on the edge of the sink before delicately, awkwardly, fumblingly, adoringly reaching to pull her against himself. The world felt less out of control with his hands on her hip and his face pressed against her hair.]

...let me get you something else, then.

[ The world always seemed right and safe in the circle of his arms. And all their troubles seemed nothing more but a distant memory when she buried her face into his shoulder. When she wrapped her arms around him and held him close. When her thumb habitually rubbed at the underside of her wedding ring.

He was hers and they were a family now with a child on the way. Morning sickness aside, Tenten needed nothing else in the world but this. ]

Mmm... this is enough...


[It was an earnest question. He knew, for himself, that there was nothing better in the world than holding her here like this. It was still inconceivable that she could possibly feel the same way.

Some days, he almost couldn't believe she'd ever agreed to marry him, let alone was pregnant with his child. Her child. Their child.]

[ Granted, they were a long way from that start where their journey together began. Troubles were not something they were short of, to say the least. But, she liked to believe, they were the things that made their relationship strong. Almost indestructible and unbreakable. His reaction to when she had broken the news to him of their first child was only one of many rewards they would receive for their patience and devotion.

He was everything she could ever ask for and more. She would need nothing else.

Sighing softly, she gently leaned in to brush her nose against his, mindful of her breath and what it may still smell like. ] Really, really~

[It had gone on forever. Since their first moments--since Kiba had nudged him and nodded toward her across a crowded hall, really--life had been marching them toward this moment. Through the good times, the impossible times, her time in China, his in Brazil, being together, being separated... it all came to this moment.

This moment in which they were standing in the bathroom with a third life on the way and she was telling him she loved him.

He didn't care that it was early or that she'd been throwing up or that the bathroom was not a romantic place at all. With a tiny but very happy smile on his lips, he leaned in for a soft kiss.]

[ Romance, for them and their ongoing relationship through the years, was anything but conventional. Where others would text and plan and plot with each other across a crowded room - campus - they were content to quietly text from across their dining room table. Where others would be bold and confident in courtship, theirs had been started with a simple note on a sticky pad. And while others would have consummated their devotion long before there were international airports and on location explorations, they had waited and waited and waited until their wedding night to show each other all the love that had built up since the first day. Since the first hello.

From then on, their love was like a red red rose, as he so often quoted. Whether he really understood it, well... she wasn't so sure.

And all their waiting had resulted in this beautiful life growing inside of her. And this timeless moment they were sharing in the walls of their bathroom. A hand over her stomach and the other reaching up to lightly brush her fingers across the curve of his cheek, she returned the kiss more than willingly. ]