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And Baby Makes Three

Title: And Baby Makes Three
Type: RP Thread
Fandom: AU!Naruto
Character(s): Tenten, Aburame Shino
Pairing(s): Shino/Tenten
Warning(s): None
Disclaimer: I own only the part that I played in this.
Note: Thread taken from the RELATIONSHIP MEME over at [community profile] memebells.
Dedicated to: My love for their cute ;w;

[ It was nice being married. Shino had long suspected that marriage was a quiet thing, the sort of agreement that was made between amicable parties for a general convenience. But there was something so peaceful about being married to Tenten, so deeply comfortable and amazingly correct, that he couldn't help but... enjoy being married to her.

Everything was finally simple and quiet again between them. There was no running off to the other side of the world, no painful separation or closeness, no living with doors between them. They saw each other for dinner almost every night; they woke up beside one another almost every morning. Life could not possibly run any more smoothly.

For once, he decided quietly as he greeted his young wife with a light brush of lips against her forehead, everything was exactly right.

[ There was a time, she knows and recalls, that Tenten would have never imagined she would be this blissful. That she would spend the rest of her life waking up in his arms. - The thought and image that Shino would willingly touch anyone in such an intimate way was something distant and rare in her mind. - And she loved every moment of it. Being married was as good as she had expected it to be. Being married to Shino was more than the young woman could ever dream. His was a sanctuary and a haven for the pressures of the world. And when her world was only as big as their bedroom, Tenten felt unstoppable.

With such particular thoughts waving and floating around in her head, Tenten knew she would need that comfort.

A small little grin pulled at her mouth at the faint brush of familiar lips. And though she was quite content to spending the Sunday morning lazing in bed, there was no helping the soft murmur that passed her lips.
] Morning husband...

[ His reply was less an actual word and more a low pleased hum. It was the most ancient form of Aburame communication, a quiet tonal system not unlike the hum of the hives the family so often found itself proximate to. For the moment, his hum was a soft low noise of absolute contentment.

There was probably reason to get up. There was breakfast to be made, papers to get to work on, phone calls and emails and all manners of distractions to deal with... but it all seemed very far away and unimportant.

What could possibly be more important than lying comfortably beside the most perfect woman in the world, an arm easily around her waist and his lips pressed gently to her temple while he hummed? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

[ It was one of the few times he removed his eyewear, because, contrary to popular belief and Kiba's insistence Shino didn't wear them to bed or at least they would eventually end up on the nightstand when the sleeping part came. So she could feel the groove of his temple pressing against the curve of her head without any obstructions. Every shift wasn't stunted by the jarring of thin wire, or prescription glass. It was just him. It was just her.

Breathing in deeply and exhaling slowly, she reveled in that knowledge.

But always, always, her mind would return back to the news. The doctor's call last evening. Shino hadn't been home to see the shift in her face or the unsteady breath that she took after hearing the final verdict. And by the time she heard the jingle of his keys in the door, she had schooled her features just enough to fool even him. Hopefully. It wasn't exactly bad news, in her mind. But it would most certainly be life-changing. Tenten only hoped that he would be ready for it.

Finally finding some ounce of energy and effort, she peeked opened her eyes and turned her heat towards him with a soft and gentle smile.
] Are you happy? [ Because blurting it out would ruin the moment. And she was much better at easing someone into a hard situation. ]

[ Also the shower. Bed and the shower were not places which necessitated glasses. Another lucky thing about not wearing glasses was how close it necessitated him staying to properly see her face. There was absolutely no one else in the world he ever allowed this close.

Her shifting meant he needed to shift himself, keeping close enough to keep her face in focus. That it necessitated keeping his forehead pressed lightly against hers was a very happy accident.

The question didn't so much catch him off guard by its content as by its asking. She must know by now, by the little smile he still couldn't suppress when he felt their rings touch as they held hands, the lingering as they parted ways, the very soft 'I love you's murmured back and forth.
] ...am I happy? I have yet to appear otherwise since we were married.

Well... there were those times the lab assistants disrupted your research on Omocerus bicornis, Macrodontia cervicornis, and Neochetina.

[ The quirk of her lips would tell him that she was only marginally teasing. There had been arguments and disagreement, of course. That was normal for any couple. As much as a unit they were, opinions were individualized. And Tenten, at least, tended to be very stubborn in hr beliefs. But that was hardly something that could force him or her to rethink the marriage, she knew. ]

[ He can't stop his nose from wrinkling. It's an actual expression--something he's picked up from some combination of Tenten's constant presence in his life and the overwhelming zeal of their other friends in beating emotions into him. ]

...but not with you.

[ They've had their differences. They've had their rocky moments. But here, now, they don't matter. Here, now, in their bed, in their embrace, their entire world can be condensed down to a moment of absolute happiness stretching infinitely in either direction. ]

[ His comment earned him a slight shift in her expression. Although the smile remained, it was lesser and not quite as bright as it had been before, something Tenten knew Shino could read. But he needed to know - he needed to understand - that it did seem like a possibility to her. Especially when things hadn't exactly gone as they had initially planned.

They had talked of their future, of course, long before he had presented her with an all too simple and quaintly perfect ring. Before vows were even a concept, the two of them and spoken of dreams and possibilities for their lives together. But he was still well in the middle of his studies in Brazil. And she earned a modest pay from her teaching. They weren't prepared for this. As happy as she was to hear the doctor conform what she suspected, they weren't ready for this responsibility.
] No matter what?

[ ...something was wrong. It was difficult to see, curled up without his glasses like this, but he could practically feel the shift in her emotions in the air as the words left his mouth. The dampening left a rather sudden, very cold feeling in the pit of his stomach.

He hated moving away from her, but for half a second it was necessary to uncurl and roll backwards, reaching to pull his glasses from the bedside table. They were easily settled onto his face with one hand, and in an instant he was back, fingers brushing gently over her cheek as he truly, properly studied her expression.

...no matter what, Tenten.

[ And just like every other dance they do together, this was no she shifted as well, twisting around to lay flat on her back. This way they would faced each other, and she would be able to gauge his reaction when she told him the news. And Tenten knew better than anyone that Shino would wish to read her in much the same fashion. They knew each other so well. But nothing would prepare them for something of this magnitude.

Quietly, she reached out her hand and did much the same, though Tenten found her fingers twisting a little lock of his hair as she looked up at him with all the love in her heart. Her tone, notably softer. Her smile, a few shades brighter, but still not at it's peak wattage.
] ...Good.

[ His own lips pulled briefly into an echo of a smile. It was simply so... perfect. They moved like a unit, they were beginning to think like a unit, everything that had ever been thrown at them--even their separation and their disagreements and the little tussles that ended in bruised egos and apologetic kisses--they had managed to pull together as a unit. It was immensely comforting to feel, even while she seemed to be pulling herself distant, that they were still moving in sync.

After a moment, his hand on her cheek moved to catch her hand on his. It's comfortable to hold her hand between them, face open, waiting to understand what it could possibly be that had thrown her into her moment of dissonance.

[ Sometimes, that was all she needed. Most days, it was all she ever wanted, seeing a smile - even a ghost of a smile - appear on his face. the smooth and normally neutral line of his lips were fine with her. Her friendship with Neji had prepared her for such a constant state of being, and Tenten generally loved seeing what it would take to break such a natural state of neutrality. It was her little game, and like the patient person he was, Shino indulged her for it.

This wasn't a game though. And the young woman knew with the utmost certainty, that the thin line of calm would break soon enough. All that was left to do was to take that first step towards the inevitable. And with her hand in his - his hand in hers - there was no better way to start.

Bringing their joined hands to her lips, Tenten placed a light kiss on the base of his middle finger and held them both to the valley of her chest.

You remember how I hadn't been feeling well for a while? I thought it was something I got from one of my kids at the school. [ Here, she inhaled deeply and let out a slow breath. ] I went to the doctor to have it checked out, just in case, and he took some blood to run tests.

[ Beat. ] He called last night with the result.

[ In an instant, everything drains away. His face doesn't fall. His lips simply part slightly.

Because of all the directions he imagined this conversation going, this one is the most terrifying.

She's been queasy, it's true. Mornings have been rough. The conclusion that she'd picked up a cold from one of her students was manageable, although its persistence made a trip to the hospital understandable. But having blood work done...

It was something bigger. It was something he couldn't have accounted for. It was probably something that was going to change the game forever between them.

And all he can do is lie there in silence, eyes all but begging for somehow happy news.

[ And it's only natural for him to react in such a way. She was being encrypting and vague. Several conclusions could be drawn from the story she was telling. But an explanation was needed. Shino was a man of facts and logic. These were the facts she was presenting. And here would come the logic afterwards... as soon as she managed to muster enough courage to say the words.

Carefully and lovingly, her free hand reached up to brush over the lines of his mouth; to calm the concern before she, herself, leaned up to press her lips to his. He was safe, and she was here. He didn't need to concern himself with anything else, it said. And as a small and pathetically helpless smile pulled at her lips, Tenten gently angled his forehead to touch hers.

...He said I'm pregnant, Shino...

[ The withholding of facts, the cryptic unraveling of the story, is driving him up the wall in the silent Aburame way such things occur. But her fingers smoothing his lips are a comfort, the brief moment of being allowed to kiss her a pleasure despite the swirling of his own mind. So he's calm, receptive, breathing evenly in the moment of resting together, foreheads touching, tiny world just the two of them.

...three of them.

The silence shifts almost instantly to stunned. This is nothing like their plan. Their plan was precise, like clockwork. Children were far from the next step. There was too much going on, too little coming in, not enough time to spare, not enough energy to give. It was a giant unplanned swerve off the road they'd been traveling together that shocked the air from his lungs.

She was pregnant with his child. Their child.

Words didn't come. An expression didn't come. All that came was yet another silent shift from being stunned into being overjoyed. As if without thought, he closed the space between them again, pressing a reverent kiss to her lips.

[ Pausing was expected. Sometimes Tenten felt they lived their whole life in pauses. BUt it was natural, Normal. Typical. It was typical Shino. He liked soaking in information and sitting in it, letting it turn over and over in his head before a reaction would come. He had always been that calculating from the beginning and it was one of the things she loved most about him. But it did nothing to calm her anxiety for a reaction.

The kiss, however, was a bit of a surprise. Much like this bit of news in general because they had been careful and she had been taking birthcontrol pills to prevent it. Then again, only one form of contraceptive was a hundred percent effective. And they certainly had not be practicing that.

But as her fingers slid quietly into the short strands of his hair, Tenten thought that she coudln't have asked for a better reaction.

So... does that mean you're ok with this?

[ The kiss helps. It's grounding, solid, real, familiar. It's exactly the same now as it was the first time they kissed and every time they've kissed through dating and marriage and years upon years of devoted love. The news doesn't change that--and that's what's going to keep them strong through all the little surprises life throws at them.

He's not smiling with his lips, but his eyes are sparkling. His lips are more reserved. It's a conservative expression, more than his usual blank line, but something she'll probably recognize. He's Thinking. They're going to have to do a lot of Thinking to make things work.

...we're going to... [ They're going to have a child. The warmth in his voice is more than enough to express how perfectly amazing that is. Timelines be damned. ]

[ Well, that was answer enough for her if there was ever one she could take comfort from. And the light little chuckle she gives is in amusement of just how innocent he is capable of sounding behind the privacy of their little home in the campus district of the city. Only at home would he allow himself to be so open to expression. Only with her did he let his guards and years of upbringing come crashing down. But then, this was a moment to celebrate, wasn't it? ] Yes.

[ Another small, brief kiss is given because there is no other way she can think of to express her relief at the positive reaction. ] We are. We really are.

[ There are phone calls to make. There are long conversations to have. There are years of life to reorient.

It can all wait until the world stops... sparkling.

[ If he's expecting the world to go back to normal, she's betting it won't happen any time soon. Because this is good news. This is something good. And from this step forward, the rest of their lives together is really gonna kick into gear. Before, it was simply about executing the plan and achieving their goals - working hard in order to reach a place where they would be able to earn enough to provide for a family.

Because a family was always in the plans.

But instead of waiting a few years of waiting and preparing, they would have to scramble to rework the master plan to accommodate the untimely surprise. All that could wait, though. The news could belong to them and them along for a little while longer.

Keeping their joined hands pressed against her chest, Tenten leaned up for yet another kiss. Because the occasion called for many of them, really. And she wasn't gonna argue or resist that feeling of giving them to her most beloved husband.
] ...I love you.

[ Shino has seen and done a lot for being such a conservative personality; this particular adventure, however, is entirely unknown. He doesn't even have a context for this kind of adventure. But they've mapped out their lives before--they can do it again.

A part of his mind is already whirring, shifting, thinking, plotting out the potential moves in the chess game of their life which will get to the ultimate trump of a happy, thought-out life. But not unlike a game of chess, his real attention stays present with her, in a warm contented kiss.

...I love you.[ Shino has seen and done a lot for being such a conservative personality; this particular adventure, however, is entirely unknown. He doesn't even have a context for this kind of adventure. But they've mapped out their lives before--they can do it again.

A part of his mind is already whirring, shifting, thinking, plotting out the potential moves in the chess game of their life which will get to the ultimate trump of a happy, thought-out life. But not unlike a game of chess, his real attention stays present with her, in a warm contented kiss.

...I love you.

[ Of course she would have to call the school as soon as possible and let them know that she would need a few months off. The last few weeks of her term, Tenten would need to relax and be off her feet enough to ensure that the baby's arrival into the world would be successful. And then the first few moments afterwards, her whole entire world would revolve around caring and tending to it's every need until the new boy or girl was old enough to spend a few hours away from mommy or daddy.

It would be all consuming, having a child. But in Tenten's mind, it would be well worth cost to their own lives.

Still, doubts were doubts. And She understood his mind more than either or any realized. As she was sure he understood hers.
] We're gonna be ok, right?


[ The pause between his question and answer speech pattern usually isn't very long. Now, it stretches slightly as a tiny, slowly growing to noticeable smile gently curls his lips.

There's so much to work out that it boggles his mind. There's more adjusting than they've ever had to do, even with a move to the opposite side of the world from their native home. But there's something that might be joy in his voice as he speaks.

This will not be a burden, Tenten. This will be a joy.

[ Reaching up once more, she brushed a finger over the curve of his cheek and moved down to feel over the lines of his mouth. What once had been a genuine and rare thing to see, Tenten had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of his smiles almost daily. One of the perks of marriage, she liked to believe. And never once did it fail to occur to her how much that smile seemed to belong there. How perfectly it fit to the shape and shade of his face. How perfect it made the world to see it.

Their hands still joined, there was no thought or prior planning that went into shifting them to lightly press against her stomach. It would be some months before there were any signs of life - before they would be able to feel that life* but the sentiment, she believes, was still there.
] It is a joy.